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Background: Llwyd 2012

For many years we explored the rock art of the western desert particularly about the water rock holes and often found extroidinary ancient petroglyphs and ocher paintings

There was a deep personal collision of cultures in ourselves when we explored the petroglyphs of the Boyne valley north of Dublin, EIRE, where, we came across the same petroglyph motifs

After 30 years experiance of painting and drawing with children, I confirmed that these Phosphene Motifs hold the patterns as universal visual patterns

Visual arts carry iconic imagery we call phosphene motifs OR Entropic Images. These patterns are the origins of all ART throughout man's collective memory

LINK : Entopic Images

They appear to mirror the nerve receptors of the eye brain connections and have been named
“archetypes of the collective neural system “

With these Karrinyarra paintings we can align the universal phosphene patterns with a continuum of myth and meaning that maintains relationships with Land and Family

These enduring images repeated in "The First Story" still impact contemporary life as we recognize our Human Collective