The First Story



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Jungian Metaphoric Archetypes

Archetypal Narrative


An Archetypal Journey

"Birds : Anima"

"Mandorla : Great Mother" 

"Yantra : Archetypal Geometry"


Mytho Poetic Landscape

Karrinyarra Land has a deep practical heritage to where food water and sacred places are

The Karrinyarra family maintain the country by continually traversing the outstation lands, hunting, gathering, setting mosaic fires and practicing ceremony and ritual

As visiting family we are continually taught all the practical knowledge and although not entering into their ceremonial life we are shown special sacred places with simple statements like all the Napaltjarri and Tjapaltjarri spirits come from that place and return to it when the individual passes on

Many of these sacred places have practical markers to indicate the stories and metaphoric life connecting back to the Dreamtime

The paintings and all other metaphoric expressions in ceremony, dance, song and story indicate a very sophisticated inner landscape perception

I like to call this a mytho poetic perception

As an international cultural artist I recognise myself as landscape, as animal, as elements, as CONNECTED to the great collective memory of our earth

My own journey into the world's folk knowledge of natural fibre has witnessed the deep connection activated when practicing folk craft

I have used the language of Jungian Archetypes to hold a conversation for this metaphoric perception

Karrinyarra petroglyphs and ancient rock paintings have been a key to my holding of a metaphoric continuum and my capacity to dwell in the earth's great collective memory

Jung maintains that we access the collective unconscious (not the conscious) through our dreams & active imagining : our craft and artistic endeavors are a process of this active imagination and reveal unconscious material hopefully awakening pathways to inner peace and wholeness

From Joseph Campbell we learn that our core work of a cultural artist is to reiterate the old metaphors/stories into contemporary idiom

Karrinyarra Artists are practicing Cultural Artists and are rewriting the enduring metaphors for the "Stories of our Time"

"The First Story" is an outstanding essence of this outcome

Llwyd 2012