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"The First Story"

Painting First Story

Ada Andy Napaltjarri "Grandmother's Stories"

Emily Andy Napaltjarri "Grandmothers Stories"

"View from Balgo"

"Luritja Prayers"

"Creation Snakes"



"Napaltjarri Woman's Ancestry"


"Body Paint"

"Keeping Country"

David Dixon Tjapaltjarri "Grandfather's Stories"


" Archive "

Ada Andy Napaltjarri

Emily Andy Napaltjarri

"Grandmother's Stories"


Soul Title Deeds : Prayers From The Western Desert

E110 "Indangangu" Emily Andy Napaltjari 77x87cm acrylic on linen 2007

E111 "Indangangu" Emily Andy Napaltjari 77x82cm acrylic on linen 2007

E112 "Indangangu" Emily Andy Napaltjari 86x90cm acrylic on linen 2007


Emily has a sister and brother living in Balgo. There is a distinct style of the painters at Balgo. Emily has taken on this influence on returning from a visit there.