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"The First Story"

Painting First Story

Ada Andy Napaltjarri "Grandmother's Stories"

Emily Andy Napaltjarri "Grandmothers Stories"

"View from Balgo"

"Luritja Prayers"

"Creation Snakes"



"Napaltjarri Woman's Ancestry"


"Body Paint"

"Keeping Country"

David Dixon Tjapaltjarri "Grandfather's Stories"


" Archive "



'Soul Title Deeds : Prayers From The Western Desert'

Artists Emily and Ada Andy Napaltjarri

Date painted 2007 Karrinyarra Outstation


This 'First Story' collection provides a seamless connection to the world’s oldest living continuum of human culture

'The First Story' connects through timeless enduring values to provide an archival collection of monumental paintings from Australia’s most significant matriarchal law women

Ceremonial Authority

While these paintings were being painted they were overseen by a western desert Traditional Senior Law Women Nungala Entalura and the policeman / Kurda for Karrinyarra Leslie Tjampitjinpa

Entalura is daughter to Walter Tjampitjinpa's brother. Entaleura's first daughter was to Albert Namatjira. Entalura is mother to Ada and Emily. She is the correct Nungala ceremonial boss for the sites painted

Emily was wife to Michael Nelson Jagamarra. Michael Nelson is the designer for Australia's Parliament House Mural.

Emily's present husband is her cousin Leslie Tjampitjinpa who is a practicing Ngankari Yala (good doctor man) and the traditional Male Policeman for Karrinyarra. In this role he also oversees for the Karrinyarra sites painted

The Circle

This collection painted by Ada and Emily Napaltjarri provide us with a uniquely simple view towards the archetypal nature of Karrinyarra's living continuum and their oldest cultural metaphors

Although both men and women paint these simple motifs; the collection by Karrinyarra Artists mainly represent a Women's Matriarchal authority to pre contact imagery and ceremony

These images can claim living continuum to the

"Great Mother : Feminine Principal"

Understanding this story provides Myth and Meaning 

These primary visual metaphors narrate an archetypal essence   

"The First Story"