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Sites Painted : Pulka Karrinya

Central Mount Wedge has a water reservoir in a gorge. At the front of this gorge is a 35 foot vertical sacred standing stone and said to be one of the two Tjungurrayi rainbow serpents who created this landscape. Here are specific men's and women's sites where all the Tjapaltjarri and Napaltjarri spirits dwell.

Pulka Karrinya has one of the biggest rock hole water reservoirs for many hundreds of kilometers about and represents an important epicenter for many story lines.

The Napaltjarri's Yalka and Honey Ant ceromonial stories both are recognised at Pulka Karrinya.

Terrence at Pulka Karrinya

"Pulka Karrinya pre contact Petroglyph"

"Pulka Karrinya pre contact Petroglyph"