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L113 "Mandorla Cosmology" 79x131 cm acrylic on linen 1998

L114 "Kata Tjuta" 79x131 cm acrylic on linen 2001

L115 "Self Portrate Yantra" 71x122 cm acrylic on linen

L116 "Shri Yantra" 75x123 cm acrylic on linen 2000

L118 "Landscape Grail Yantra" 72x1311cm acrylic on linen 2000

L119 "Yantra " 71x123cm acrylic on linen 2000

L120 "Yantra Kali " 71x123cm acrylic on linen 2000

L121 "Yarra Man" 79x131cm acrylic on linen 2001

L122 "Lying on the Land" 79x131cm acrylic on linen 2001


Yantra : According to Tantra, the creation of the world begins with an act of division of the opposites that are united in the deity

From their splitting arises, in an explosion of energy, the multiplicity of the world. Starting from pure unity (Shiva), the world is a continuous unfolding (energized by the power of Shakti), until a state is reached, when the process must reverse and involute back to the very beginning. Multiplicity must once again become unity.

According to Tantra the human being is a miniature universe and the same principles that apply to the universe apply in the case of the individual being

A Yantra is a geometrical pattern made of several concentric figures (squares, circles, lotuses, triangles, point). When these concentric figures are gradually growing away from its center in stages, this is for human beings a symbol of the process of evolution. When they are gradually growing towards its center, this is for human beings a symbol of the process of involution.

A yantra is thus a tool making the process of evolution conscious

It enables the adept to retrace his steps from the outward-directed world of multiplicity to the inward focus of unity

All primal shapes of a yantra are psychological symbols corresponding to inner states of human consciousness

Yantras are sacred symbols of the process of involution and evolution