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"mandorla ; great mother"

Llwyd: Land Maps of the Collective


There are 2 views

Sun / Day / wakefulness consciousness

Moon / Night / asleep unconscious

The two views are opposite paradoxes

When these two intersect they create a shield,  viscera pices, eye of horus, mandorla



Story: On driving from the west on the Warberton-Docker River road, I emerged at Kata Juta and camped on its western edge

That evening the full moon rose between the monumental curves of Kata Juta

As womens site I activally imagined the aura of the full moon as the mandorla and holding the Great Feminine principal of Sophia, Mother Mary, the Ancestral Great Mother Spirit

Many of my paintings have explored the mandorla

I use it as a tool to reconsile opposites / paradoxes as it provides a sacred space from which 2 opposing paradigms can be viewed, assessed and harmonised


Within sacred geometric there is a perception of the sacred marriage of opposites

A straight line can be indexed metaphorically to symbolise a square the masculine principal and the circle to symbolise the femine principal

The great alchemic wedding is symbolised in squaring the circle

I have placed the straight line above the circle within the mandorla

in Jungian perception this can imply the projection of the anima (life breath spirit) onto the landscape