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Jungian Perception:

The usual meaning of soul--a word literally synonymous with anima--is on the order of "the spiritual, rational, and immortal part of man which distinguishes him from brutes,...and...renders him a subject of moral government." (Webster's Universal Unabridged Dictionary, p. 1581)

Jung, however, by 1945, came to think of the anima as manifesting four developmental stages:
The first stage--Hawwah, Eve, earth--is purely biological; woman is equated with the mother and only represents something to be fertilized.

The second stage is still dominated by the sexual eros, but on an aesthetic and romantic level where woman has already acquired some value as an individual.

The third stage raises Eros to the heights of religious devotion and thus spiritualizes him: Hawwah has been replaced by spiritual motherhood.

Finally the fourth stage illustrates...Sapientia...wisdom.

(Jung's CW 16, par 361, 1954)


SOPHIA principal Sapientia

I have always understood that my anima was from the latin word meaning soul, spirit, breath and reveals herself in my dreams and projection as a leading for my enduring perception. To awaken my anima is to bring into consciousness an attribute as important as the Grail Quest.

'To Whom Does The Grail Serve ?'

Much of my art has been a metaphoric practise to reveal my Anima attributes.

Llwyd 2012


Karrinyarra homelands and its iconic Mt Wedge provide the bedrock of eternal pragmatic form - bridging the human spirit, to couragously live and celebrate the 'ART of Loving'