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extract of Family kinship from the Central mt Wedge Landclaim

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3.4 Descent criteria
3.4.1 It follows from what I have said that the primary descent criterion accepted by
the claimants for the ascertainment of membership of each local descent group is a
combination of patrilineal descent and matrifiliation. A person acquires membership
of a group as kirda through his or her father and paternal grandfather. Membership of
a group as kurdungurlu is acquired through a person’s mother and maternal
grandfather. In addition, membership of a group by adoption is recognised. A child
may be “grown up” by a parent who is not the child’s biological parent and be
regarded as following the adoptive parent for country. The adopted child will usually,
but not always, acquire the subsection identity which would have been appropriate for
a biological child of the adoptive parent. Adoption by the group as a whole is also
recognised. The fact that adoption is by a group rather than by a specific individual
does not diminish the acceptance of the adopted individual as a member of the group.
3.4.2 In determining who are the members of each land-holding group, I have
regarded the primary criterion as descent. Where the evidence justifies it, I have
accepted as members of a land-holding group those who have become so by adoption,
including adoption by the group.
3.5 Four groups There are four groups claiming affiliations to dreamings which are
related to sites on the land claimed. The name given to each group is the name of a focal
ancestral site or, in the case of the Karrinyarra group, a focal feature, in their country.
3.6 The Karrinyarra group
3.6.1 The Karrinyarra group takes its name from Karrinyarra, or Central Mount
Wedge. It is based on the J(N)ungarrayi-J(N)apaljarri subsection patricouple as kirda
and the Ju(Na)purrurla-J(N)ampijinpa subsection patricouple as kurdungurlu. The
members of the Karrinyarra group trace their line of descent and links to country
through three Jungarrayi ancestors who, as persons with the same subsection, are
regarded as having been brothers.
3.6.2 The group has two branches, which may have been in the past regarded as two
separate groups but which now exercise joint responsibility for sites on the claim area.
Both branches are descendants of the Jungarrayi “brothers” referred to in para. 3.6.1. I
will refer to the two branches of the group as the “Karrinyarra” and “Yarripilangu”
branches or patrilines. References to the “Karrinyarra group” encompass both
branches. Members of the Yarripilangu branch were found to be traditional
Aboriginal owners in the Warlpiri and Kartangarurru-Kurintji Land Claim No. 2 in
relation to an area immediately to the north and north-west of the land claimed. The
two branches of the group have a long history of association. They are composed of
the same patricouples and their countries are contiguous. Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi,
one of the senior members of the Karrinyarra branch, gave evidence that, as a young
man, he participated in Yarripilangu ceremonies and was instructed in ritual by
Yarripilangu men. Don Jungarrayi, another senior member of the Karrinyarra branch,
also recalls being instructed by the Yarripilangu men. Andrew Spencer Japaljarri, of
the Yarripilangu branch, recalls participating in ceremonies with senior members of
both the Karrinyarra and Yarripilangu branches and being instructed in ceremonial
matters by Andy (“Old Andy”) Jungarrayi, a senior member of the Karrinyarra branch,
and Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi, as well as by Andrew’s own father, Walpajirri (Jimmy
Spencer) Jungarrayi. Kay Spencer Napaljarri, also of the Yarripilangu branch, stated
that members of the two branches “. . . used to be in one big ceremony”. There is
abundant evidence that the members of the two branches now regard themselves as
part of one group with affiliations to, and responsibility for, both Karrinyarra and
Yarripilangu sites. A primary reason for the closer relationship between the two is that
the upper-generation members of the Yarripilangu branch have passed away and so the
senior members of the Karrinyarra branch now acknowledge their responsibility to
look after knowledge and pass it to the younger members of both the Karrinyarra and
Yarripilangu patrilines. The claimants used expressions such as “we all link up in one
country” and “all in one” to describe the relationship between the two branches. I
have accepted that the Yarripilangu and Karrinyarra patrilines, while retaining separate
identities in some respects, are to be regarded as members of the same local descent
3.6.3 One of the Jungarrayi “brothers” referred to above was Larrpapakarnu. Many of
the current members of the Karrinyarra group are descended from his son,
Purkaparru. Three of Purkaparru’s children are still alive: Old Andy Jungarrayi,
Biddy Nampakul Nungarrayi and Two Bob Jungarrayi. They are senior kirda for the
3.6.4 Timmy Jugadai, now deceased, was the eldest son of Purkaparru. He is
survived by his children, Nebo, Magdeline, Ester, Tardis, Maurice, Molly, Daisy,
Cynthia, Johnny, Sebargo and Sonia Jugadai. All his children have the subsection
J(N)apaljarri and are kirda. The children of male children are also kirda. Nebo
Jugadai Japaljarri’s children are Gary, Maisy, Evelyn, Martin, Walter and Roger
Jugadai J(N)ungarrayi. Johnny Jugadai Japaljarri’s children are Gavin, Rochelle and
Rosita Jugadai J(N)ungarrayi. Nebo’s grandchildren are also members of the group.
Gary’s children, Sanisa Napaljarri and Bradley Japaljarri, are kirda. Maisy’s children,
Sabin and Garissa Jackson J(N)ampijinpa, are kurdungurlu. Mick Marshall
Jampijinpa, Evelyn’s son, is also kurdungurlu.
3.6.5 The children of Timmy Jugadai’s daughters are kurdungurlu. Magdeline
Jugadai Napaljarri has six biological children, Patricia, Alison, Lisa, Benita, Henry
and Alkalita, and one adopted son, Douglas. The evidence, particularly that of Monica
Jugadai Napaljarri, shows that Douglas, like Magdeline’s other children, takes
Karrinyarra country. All the children have the surname Multa and the subsection
Ju(Na)purrurla. Ester Jugadai Napaljarri’s children are Rebecca Hays Napurrurla, Eva
Hays Napurrurla and Danny Hays Jupurrurla. Molly Jugadai Napaljarri’s children are
Kay, Jeffrey, Keturah and Joseph Zimeran. Their subsection is J(N)angala, which is
not the usual subsection for kurdungurlu in the Karrinyarra group. Molly’s marriage
is not “straight” and the children’s J(N)angala subsection comes from their father.
Daisy Jugadai Napaljarri is the mother of Agnas Multa Napurrurla. Cynthia Jugadai
Napaljarri’s children are Christine, Dorothea, Timmy and Lornie Multa
Ju(Na)purrurla. Sonia Jugadai Napaljarri’s children are Eunis Napurrurla and Frankie


3.6.6 Andy (“Old Andy”) Jungarrayi is the second son of Purkaparru. His children
are Enna Andy, Salene Andy, Emily Andy, Ada, Nora, Nigel Andy, Evans Andy,
Randall Andy, Melody, David Andy, John Andy, Peter Andy, Jennifer Andy, Nari
Andy and Darrell Andy. They are all kirda and of the J(N)apaljarri subsection. The
children of Old Andy’s daughters are kurdungurlu and have the Ju(Na)purrurla
subsection. Enna Andy Napaljarri’s children are Connie and Simeon. Salene Andy
Napaljarri has three sons, Willy Raggatt, Sammy Abbott and Terrence Abbott. Emily
Andy Napaljarri has three children, Anthony Nelson, Evan Smith and Tess Nelson.
Ada Napaljarri’s children are Maggie, Lattie and Sharon Burns. Nora Napaljarri’s
children are Kathy Dean, Loraine Swan and Faron Swan. The children of Melody
Napaljarri are Pristilla and Frieda Seven. Jennifer Andy Napaljarri has an adopted
daughter, Tanya Wilson Nangala. Her subsection is not the usual subsection for
kurdungurlu for this group, presumably because she is adopted, but she is still
accepted as a member of the group.
3.6.7 The children of Old Andy’s sons are kirda, like their fathers. They are all of the
J(N)ungarrayi subsection. Evans Andy Japaljarri’s children are Princeton, Samantha,
Kathy, Angus and Darren Andy. Randall Andy Japaljarri’s children are Daniella
Andy and Dylan Andy. David Andy Japaljarri has a daughter, Teresa. John Andy
Japaljarri’s children are Ronald, Geraldine, Allowyn and Allan. Peter Andy
Japaljarri’s children are Paul, Joyce, Quentin, Dion, Griffin and Anton. Nari Andy
Japaljarri’s children are Terry, Marlene, Kasman and Andrew Andy. Darrell Andy
Japaljarri has three daughters, Serena, Lucinda and Roxanne.
3.6.8 Marleen Nungarrayi, a deceased daughter of Purkaparru, is survived by her
children, Leslie Daniels Jampijinpa and Evelyn Nampijinpa, who are kurdungurlu.
The children of Henry Jugadai Jungarrayi, a deceased son of Purkaparru, are kirda and
of the J(N)apaljarri subsection. Their names are Rosalie Jugadai, Marjorie Jugadai,
Mark Jugadai, Mavis Jugadai, Monica Jugadai, Audrey and Susanne Jugadai. Mark
Jugadai Japaljarri’s children, Roy and Pamela Jugadai J(N)ungarrayi, are kirda. The
children of Henry’s female children are kurdungurlu. Rosalie Jugadai Napaljarri’s
children are Henry Miller, Yuella Miller, Jessie Miller, Heidi Miller and Nana
Ju(Na)purrurla. Marjorie Jugadai Napaljarri’s children are Jonathon, Julie and Sharon
Nelson Ju(Na)purrurla. Mavis Jugadai Napaljarri’s children are Ronald, Mark and
Joshua Peg Jupurrurla. Monica Jugadai Napaljarri has a daughter, Felicia Napurrurla.
Audrey Napaljarri has three children, Dominic, Christine and Connie Fry
Ju(Na)purrurla. Susanne Jugadai Napaljarri has one son, Marvin Andrew Jangala, by
her first husband, Manic Andrew Jampijinpa. Since this was not a “straight” marriage
and Marvin takes his subsection from his father, he does not have the ideal subsection
to be kurdungurlu for the Karrinyarra group. Jacob Jupurrurla, Susanne’s son by her
second marriage, has the usual subsection. Another deceased daughter of Purkaparru,
Rosie Nungarrayi, is survived by her children, Allan Egan Jampijinpa and Jean Egan
Nampijinpa, who are kurdungurlu.

3.6.9 The children of Biddy Nampakul Nungarrayi, senior kirda and surviving
daughter of Purkaparru, are also kurdungurlu. Their names are Sandra, Richie,
Audrey and Petra Turner J(N)ampijinpa.

Two Bob Jungarrayi, the other surviving son
of Purkaparru, is kirda, as are his children. His biological children are Norman
Wheeler, Ray, Reginald, Rachel and Valerie Allen J(N)apaljarri. He also has an
adopted son, Patrick Inkamala Jampijinpa. Two Bob gave evidence that Patrick
follows him for country. The children of Two Bob’s sons are kirda. Norman Wheeler
Japaljarri’s children are Marlene, Marcus, Jeffrey, Shane, Rebecca and Jane Wheeler
J(N)ungarrayi. Ray Japaljarri’s children are Robin, Valerie, Dell, Evonne and Ipana
J(N)ungarrayi. Reginald Japaljarri’s children are James Jungarrayi and Emma
Nungarrayi. Patrick Inkamala Jampijinpa has two sons, Samuel and Desmond
Inkamala Jangala. Patrick and his children do not have usual subsections for kirda in
the Karrinyarra group, because Patrick was adopted, but they are accepted as
members of the group. Valerie Allen Napaljarri’s children, Sebastian, Tristan and
Breyton Allen Jupurrurla, are kurdungurlu.
3.6.10 In the original version of the genealogies, exhibit CLC6, the four siblings
Emma Nungarrayi, Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi, Maggie Nungarrayi and Don Jungarrayi
were all shown as the adopted children of a Japaljarri man, who was the son of Robby
Jungarrayi. The evidence at the hearing and the subsequent anthropologist’s report by
Petronella Vaarzon-Morel, exhibit CLC13, indicate that there was no adoptive link
between the four siblings and Robby Jungarrayi; rather, they were adopted by the
Karrinyarra group as a whole. Their mother fled to the claim area after the death of
her first husband, Yungkungpungu Japaljarri, the father of Emma and Paddy, in the
Coniston Massacre in 1928. Her other two children, Maggie Nungarrayi and Don
Jungarrayi, were children of the one father. Don Jungarrayi was born at Yupurriri (site
9.3), and all four siblings spent at least some of their childhood on the land claimed.
Old Andy Jungarrayi and his siblings looked after Paddy and taught him about the
country. Both Emma and Don recall learning about ceremonial activities from Old
Andy and other, now deceased, members of the Karrinyarra group. It is clear from
the evidence that they are not only regarded as full members of the Karrinyarra
group but are senior kirda and repositories of great amounts of knowledge for the
group. Emma and Paddy, in particular, recognise themselves, and are recognised by
other claimants, as having responsibility for passing on this knowledge to younger
members of the group.
3.6.11 Emma Nungarrayi and Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi have no biological children.
Paddy has “grown up” Topsy Napaljarri. It is accepted that she follows Paddy for
country and that she is kirda for the Karrinyarra group. Her children, Bob and
Douglas Dixon Jupurrurla, are kurdungurlu. Topsy is also raising Roslyn, Michael
and Gilbert Dixon Ju(Na)purrurla, the children of her deceased sister. They are
kurdungurlu. Maggie Nungarrayi’s three children, Dinny Jampijinpa, David Jalamayi
Jampijinpa and Lini Nampijinpa, are kurdungurlu. David Dixon Japaljarri, son of Don
Jungarrayi, is kirda.

3.6.12 Markarinya Japaljarri, deceased, was the son of one of the other Jungarrayi
ancestors. Only one of his children, Gilbert Jungarrayi, is still alive and is kirda for
the Karrinyarra group.

Three of Markarinya’s deceased daughters, Wini, Millicent
and Gloria Nungarrayi, are survived by children. Those children are all kurdungurlu
and have the J(N)ampijinpa subsection. Wini’s children are Elizabeth and Glenys.
Millicent is survived by her children, Bernice, Bertram, Virginia and Irene. Gloria’s
children are Elsie Gorey, Johnny Jack, Harry and Isobell. Gilbert Jungarrayi’s
surviving children are kirda, like their father. They are Alison Napaljarri and Steven
Japaljarri. Steven’s children, Anessa and Patsy Nungarrayi, are kirda. Gilbert
Jungarrayi also had a deceased daughter, Mabel Napaljarri, whose children, Charlene
Napurrurla, Gilbert Jupurrurla and Charmaine Napurrurla, are kurdungurlu. One of
Markarinya’s sisters, Yawankiyi Napaljarri, is survived by a son, Leslie Fuller
Jupurrurla, who is kurdungurlu. Jack Sullivan Jungarrayi is the son of one of
Markarinya’s deceased brothers. Jack is kirda.

3.6.13 The members of the Yarripilangu branch of the Karrinyarra group are
descended from another of the Jungarrayi classificatory brothers. They are the
descendants of three deceased siblings, Walpajirri (Jimmy Spencer) Jungarrayi, Mick
Spencer Jungarrayi and a sister whose name was not the subject of evidence, who were
grandchildren of one of the Jungarrayi ancestors.

3.6.14 Bob Spencer Japaljarri, deceased, was the eldest son of Walpajirri Jungarrayi.
His children are kirda. Their names are Lloyd, Jacob, Rahab, Ruth, Cecilie, Janet
Maxine, Cornelius and Rebecca. They all have the surname Spencer and the
J(N)ungarrayi subsection. The children of male children are kirda. Lloyd Spencer
Jungarrayi has an adopted daughter, Kerstin Spencer Napaljarri. Jacob Spencer
Jungarrayi’s son is Lestin Spencer Japaljarri. Cornelius Spencer Jungarrayi has a
daughter, Gloria Spencer Napaljarri. The children of Bob Spencer’s daughters are
kurdungurlu. Rahab Spencer Nungarrayi’s children are Aaron Jampijinpa, Vernon
Jampijinpa, Narissa Nampijinpa and Henry Robertson Jampijinpa. Cecilie Spencer
Nungarrayi’s children are Georgina Scott Nampijinpa and Dwayne Nandi Jampijinpa.
Janet Maxine Spencer Nungarrayi’s children are Denis James Nelson Jakamarra and
Rochelle Nakamarra. Janet’s marriage is not “straight”. Her children took their
subsection from their father, which is why they do not have a usual subsection for
kurdungurlu in this group. Rebecca Spencer Nungarrayi has a son, Norbert
3.6.15 Andrew Spencer Japaljarri is a son of Walpajirri Jungarrayi. He and his
children are kirda. His children are Christine, Grace, Steve and Winki Spencer
J(N)ungarrayi. The children of his daughters are kurdungurlu. Christine’s daughter is
Loryn Nampijinpa and Grace’s son is Wayne Jampijinpa. Andrew’s deceased brother,
Gavin, is survived by six children, all of whom are kirda and have the surname
Spencer and the subsection J(N)ungarrayi. Their names are Kasman, Gina, Sherman,
Lisie, Burton and Driscilla.
3.6.16 Besides Andrew, there are five other children of Walpajirri Jungarrayi still
alive. Like Andrew, they are kirda and of the J(N)apaljarri subsection. Their names
are Winki Spencer, April Spencer, Noel Spencer, Isobell and Ena. The children of
Winki and April are kurdungurlu. Winki’s two sons are Henry Wilson Jr Jupurrurla
and Sebastian Wilson Jupurrurla; her four daughters are Magdeline, Lorraine,
Katherine and Julie Wilson Napurrurla. April’s daughter is Christine-Anne Ross
Napurrurla. Noel Spencer Japaljarri’s children are kirda. He has one biological
daughter, Roseanna Spencer Nungarrayi, and six adopted children, Adam Spencer and
Darren, Wilbert, Steven, Davina and Michael Brown. The last son of Walpajirri
Jungarrayi was Billy Spencer Japaljarri, who is now deceased. He is survived by
Marjorie, Donovan and Sabrina Spencer J(N)ungarrayi, who are kirda.
3.6.17 Walpajirri Jungarrayi’s brother, Mick Spencer Jungarrayi, deceased, is
survived by eight children who are all kirda for the Karrinyarra group. Mick’s
children are Helen, Garth, Bryce, Aloysius, Solomon, Katrina, Kay and Tess. All but
Tess have the surname Spencer; Tess’s surname is Ross. All have the subsection
J(N)apaljarri. The children of Mick’s male children are kirda. Garth Spencer
Japaljarri’s children are Patricia and Mary-Anne Nungarrayi. Aloysius Spencer
Japaljarri’s children are Mike, Elton and Sylvianna Spencer J(N)ungarrayi. The
children of Mick’s daughters are kurdungurlu. Helen Spencer Napaljarri has adopted
five children: Harlie, Samuel, Alice, Claris and Denis. They all have the surname
Nelson and the subsection Ju(Na)purrurla. Kay Spencer Napaljarri’s son is Simeon
Jupurrurla. Tess Ross Napaljarri’s daughter is Elizabeth Ross Napurrurla.
3.6.18 Walpajirri Jungarrayi also had a full sister who is survived by two sons,
Norman and Jimmy Kelly Jampijinpa. They are kurdungurlu for the group through
their mother and mother’s father.
3.6.19 In the anthropologists’ report, exhibit CLC4, and the original genealogies,
exhibit CLC6, both submitted prior to the hearing of the claim, the descendants of
Yukuni (Old Tom) Japaljarri were included as members of the Karrinyarra group.
Yukuni was shown as a son of Larrpapakarnu and brother of Purkaparru. At the
hearing, Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi gave evidence that Yukuni’s country was
Kunajarrayi, to the west, off the claim area. After the hearing of the claim, Dr Lee
Sackett, one of the anthropologists involved in the preparation and presentation of the
claim, interviewed Maudie Peterson Nungarrayi, a daughter of Yukuni, who confirmed
Paddy Carroll’s evidence. Consequently, I have not included the children or
grandchildren of Yukuni in the group.
3.6.20 Also included as claimants in the anthropologists’ report and the original
genealogies were Harry Dixon Jungarrayi and Naomi Napaljarri. Harry is the son of a
man called Jack Rufus Japaljarri, now deceased, and the grandson of Robby
Jungarrayi. Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi gave evidence that Jack Rufus took Kunajarrayi
country. Jonathan Kenna, legal officer with the Central Land Council, was
subsequently instructed by Harry Dixon that his father’s country was Kunajarrayi and
that he was not to be included as a claimant. Naomi Napaljarri was shown on the
original genealogies as the daughter of Robby Jungarrayi and full sister of Jack Rufus.
Harry Dixon instructed Jonathan Kenna that he did not know of the existence of
Naomi Napaljarri, who would be his aunt, according to the genealogies. Subsequent
inquiries by the Central Land Council failed to locate any person who could vouch for
her existence. Even if Robby Jungarrayi did have a daughter called Naomi Napaljarri,
I assume that she would take Kunajarrayi country like her brother Jack. On the basis
of this evidence, I have omitted both Harry Dixon Jungarrayi and Naomi Napaljarri
from the Karrinyarra group.
3.6.21 The following is a list of the members of the Karrinyarra group. It is divided into
kirda and kurdungurlu. The names of the children are shown indented immediately below the
names of their parents.
Kirda Kurdungurlu
Nebo Jugadai Japaljarri
Gary Jugadai Jungarrayi
Sanisa Napaljarri
Bradley Japaljarri
Maisy Jugadai Nungarrayi
Sabin Jackson Jampijinpa
Garissa Jackson Nampijinpa
Evelyn Jugadai Nungarrayi
Mick Marshall Jampijinpa
Martin Jugadai Jungarrayi
Walter Jugadai Jungarrayi
Roger Jugadai Jungarrayi
Magdeline Jugadai Napaljarri
Patricia Multa Napurrurla
Alison Multa Napurrurla
Lisa Multa Napurrurla
Benita Multa Napurrurla
Henry Multa Jupurrurla
Alkalita Multa Napurrurla
Douglas Multa Jupurrurla
Ester Jugadai Napaljarri
Rebecca Hays Napurrurla
Eva Hays Napurrurla
Danny Hays Jupurrurla
Tardis Jugadai Japaljarri
Maurice Jugadai Japaljarri
Molly Jugadai Napaljarri
Kay Zimeran Nangala
Jeffrey Zimeran Jangala
Keturah Zimeran Nangala
Joseph Zimeran Jangala
Daisy Jugadai Napaljarri
Agnas Multa Napurrurla
Cynthia Jugadai Napaljarri
Christine Multa Napurrurla
Dorothea Multa Napurrurla
Timmy Multa Jupurrurla
Lornie Multa Napurrurla
Johnny Jugadai Japaljarri
Gavin Jugadai Jungarrayi
Rochelle Jugadai Nungarrayi
Rosita Jugadai Nungarrayi
Sebargo Jugadai Japaljarri
Sonia Jugadai Napaljarri
Eunis Napurrurla
Frankie Jupurrurla
Andy (“Old Andy”) Jungarrayi
Enna Andy Napaljarri
Connie Napurrurla
Simeon Jupurrurla
Salene Andy Napaljarri
Willy Raggatt Jupurrurla
Sammy Abbott Jupurrurla
Terrence Abbott Jupurrurla
Emily Andy Napaljarri
Anthony Nelson Jupurrurla
Evan Smith Jupurrurla
Tess Nelson Napurrurla
Ada Napaljarri
Maggie Burns Napurrurla
Lattie Burns Napurrurla
Sharon Burns Napurrurla
Nora Napaljarri
Kathy Dean Napurrurla
Loraine Swan Napurrurla
Faron Swan Jupurrurla
Nigel Andy Japaljarri
Evans Andy Japaljarri
Princeton Andy Jungarrayi
Samantha Andy Nungarrayi
Kathy Andy Nungarrayi
Angus Andy Jungarrayi
Darren Andy Jungarrayi
Randall Andy Japaljarri
Daniella Andy Nungarrayi
Dylan Andy Jungarrayi
Melody Napaljarri
Pristilla Seven Napurrurla
Frieda Seven Napurrurla
David Andy Japaljarri
Teresa Nungarrayi
John Andy Japaljarri
Ronald Jungarrayi
Geraldine Nungarrayi
Allowyn Jungarrayi
Allan Jungarrayi
Peter Andy Japaljarri
Paul Jungarrayi
Joyce Nungarrayi
Quentin Jungarrayi
Dion Jungarrayi
Griffin Jungarrayi
Anton Jungarrayi
Jennifer Andy Napaljarri
Tanya Wilson Nangala
Nari Andy Japaljarri
Terry Andy Jungarrayi
Marlene Andy Nungarrayi
Kasman Andy Jungarrayi
Andrew Andy Jungarrayi
Darrell Andy Japaljarri
Serena Andy Nungarrayi
Lucinda Andy Nungarrayi
Roxanne Andy Nungarrayi
Leslie Daniels Jampijinpa
Evelyn Nampijinpa
Rosalie Jugadai Napaljarri
Henry Miller Jupurrurla
Yuella Miller Jupurrurla
Jessie Miller Napurrurla
Heidi Miller Napurrurla
Nana Napurrurla
Marjorie Jugadai Napaljarri
Jonathon Nelson Jupurrurla
Julie Nelson Napurrurla
Sharon Nelson Napurrurla
Mark Jugadai Japaljarri
Roy Jugadai Jungarrayi
Pamela Jugadai Nungarrayi
Mavis Jugadai Napaljarri
Ronald Peg Jupurrurla
Mark Peg Jupurrurla
Joshua Peg Jupurrurla
Monica Jugadai Napaljarri
Felicia Napurrurla
Audrey Napaljarri
Dominic Fry Jupurrurla
Christine Fry Napurrurla
Connie Fry Napurrurla
Susanne Jugadai Napaljarri
Marvin Andrew Jangala
Jacob Jupurrurla
Allan Egan Jampijinpa
Jean Egan Nampijinpa
Biddy Nampakul Nungarrayi
Sandra Turner Nampijinpa
Richie Turner Jampijinpa
Audrey Turner Nampijinpa
Petra Turner Nampijinpa
Two Bob Jungarrayi
Norman Wheeler Japaljarri
Marlene Wheeler Nungarrayi
Marcus Wheeler Jungarrayi
Jeffrey Wheeler Jungarrayi
Shane Wheeler Jungarrayi
Rebecca Wheeler Nungarrayi
Jane Wheeler Nungarrayi
Ray Japaljarri
Robin Jungarrayi
Valerie Nungarrayi
Dell Nungarrayi
Evonne Nungarrayi
Ipana Nungarrayi
Reginald Japaljarri
James Jungarrayi
Emma Nungarrayi
Rachel Napaljarri
Valerie Allen Napaljarri
Sebastian Allen Jupurrurla
Tristan Allen Jupurrurla
Breyton Allen Jupurrurla
Patrick Inkamala Jampijinpa
Samuel Inkamala Jangala
Desmond Inkamala Jangala
Emma Nungarrayi
Paddy Carroll Jungarrayi
Topsy Napaljarri
Bob Dixon Jupurrurla
Douglas Dixon Jupurrurla
Roslyn Dixon Napurrurla
Michael Dixon Jupurrurla
Gilbert Dixon Jupurrurla
Maggie Nungarrayi
Dinny Jampijinpa
David Jalamayi Jampijinpa
Lini Nampijinpa
Don Jungarrayi
David Dixon Japaljarri
Elizabeth Nampijinpa
Glenys Nampijinpa
Bernice Nampijinpa
Bertram Jampijinpa
Virginia Nampijinpa
Irene Nampijinpa
Gilbert Jungarrayi
Alison Napaljarri
Steven Japaljarri
Anessa Nungarrayi
Patsy Nungarrayi
Charlene Napurrurla
Gilbert Jupurrurla
Charmaine Napurrurla
Elsie Gorey Nampijinpa
Johnny Jack Jampijinpa
Harry Jampijinpa
Isobell Nampijinpa
Leslie Fuller Jupurrurla
Jack Sullivan Jungarrayi
Lloyd Spencer Jungarrayi
Kerstin Spencer Napaljarri
Jacob Spencer Jungarrayi
Lestin Spencer Japaljarri
Rahab Spencer Nungarrayi
Aaron Jampijinpa
Vernon Jampijinpa
Narissa Nampijinpa
Henry Robertson Jampijinpa
Ruth Spencer Nungarrayi
Cecilie Spencer Nungarrayi
Georgina Scott Nampijinpa
Dwayne Nandi Jampijinpa
Janet Maxine Spencer Nungarrayi
Denis James Nelson Jakamarra
Rochelle Nelson Nakamarra
Cornelius Spencer Jungarrayi
Gloria Spencer Napaljarri
Rebecca Spencer Nungarrayi
Norbert Jampijinpa
Andrew Spencer Japaljarri
Christine Spencer Nungarrayi
Loryn Nampijinpa
Grace Spencer Nungarrayi
Wayne Jampijinpa
Steve Spencer Jungarrayi
Winki Spencer Nungarrayi
Kasman Spencer Jungarrayi
Gina Spencer Nungarrayi
Sherman Spencer Jungarrayi
Lisie Spencer Nungarrayi
Burton Spencer Jungarrayi
Driscilla Spencer Nungarrayi
Winki Spencer Napaljarri
Henry Wilson Jr Jupurrurla
Magdeline Wilson Napurrurla
Lorraine Wilson Napurrurla
Katherine Wilson Napurrurla
Julie Wilson Napurrurla
Sebastian Wilson Jupurrurla
April Spencer Napaljarri
Christine-Anne Ross Napurrurla
Noel Spencer Japaljarri
Roseanna Spencer Nungarrayi
Darren Brown
Wilbert Brown
Adam Spencer
Steven Brown
Davina Brown
Michael Brown
Isobell Napaljarri
Ena Napaljarri
Marjorie Spencer Nungarrayi
Donovan Spencer Jungarrayi
Sabrina Spencer Nungarrayi
Helen Spencer Napaljarri
Harlie Nelson Jupurrurla
Samuel Nelson Jupurrurla
Alice Nelson Napurrurla
Claris Nelson Napurrurla
Denis Nelson Jupurrurla
Garth Spencer Japaljarri
Patricia Nungarrayi
Mary-Anne Nungarrayi
Bryce Spencer Japaljarri
Aloysius Spencer Japaljarri
Mike Spencer Jungarrayi
Elton Spencer Jungarrayi
Sylvianna Spencer Nungarrayi
Solomon Spencer Japaljarri
Katrina Spencer Napaljarri
Kay Spencer Napaljarri
Simeon Jupurrurla
Tess Ross Napaljarri
Elizabeth Ross Napurrurla
Norman Kelly Jampijinpa
Jimmy Kelly Jampijinpa