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This genealogy is to place the Karrinyarra Family as:

Picture of Old Walter Tjampitjinpa & Squeaky Mick Tjakamarra

Photo;Geoff Bardon

Papunya Tula means the meeting place for brothers and cousins: & was named such by Charlie Tawara Tjungarrai

All  references will directly associate back to Ada Andy Napaltjarri and Emily Andy Napaltjarri

These are Luritja family members, who along with Pintupi Artists, initiated the first genesis of the western desert dot-art where  ceremonial icons were transferred onto contemporary mediums


Original Papunya Tula Family Artists

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa is Ada's grandfather's brother on her mothers side

Her grandfather was Yarakula. He had 3 wives.

Old Walter & Yarakula & Anatjari Tjampitjinpa were brothers  from Ilypili

Ada's mother is Entalura. Her sister: Milli (Millala) Old Walter's daughter have the same mother: Warripunda Napangarti. Warripunda's mother; their grandmother was Wilhawara and Entaleura & Milli and Tilau are the last of her living grandchildren

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa also had a wife called Pulbari Napanagka

Entalura & Milli's brother married Tim Leura's daughter Maryanne Leura from Napperby

Entalura, Milli, Tilau and Laati were still living at Papunya and Karrinyarra Outstation in 2007

Yarakula and Warribunda's daughters were Entalura Ewari Laati Sharon & Epingmia  

Entalura's sister Ewari was Andy Tjungurrayi's 2nd wife  

Entalura, Ada's mother was his first wife

Ada's two daughters were named Laati and Sharon: after their grandmothers & according to custom

Entalura's  mother was Warripunda (Ada's traditional name)

Entalura's mum was a Napangarti

Withawara was Entalura & Milli & Tilau's grandmother

Their grandmother’s 2 sisters were Kunkayi: (Lorraine Swan is named after her )& Tjakurra: (Cathy is named after her)

Ada Andy sister's are: Ena Raggett (nee Namatjira-deceased) Saleen Andy, Emily Andy-Nelson, Nora Andy-Swan

The Matriarchal Honey Ant  Dreaming  travels from Ilpili to Warumpi .

Old "Squeaky Mick" Walangkari Tjakamarra 

is Ada's great uncle on her father's side

Old Mick was Old Andy Tjungurrayi's mother's brother's son. As a Tjakamarra from the western side of Karrinyarra, in the New Haven area, he was born on Narwietooma Station country. He was among the elders who took Don Tjungurrayi out through the initiation introductions to his mens sites and it's these sites that Don now paints. Old Mick was "policeman" or kutungulu for Karrinyarra country and was ceremonial boss for many Karrinyarra sites

Ist marriage was to Narawina

2nd marriage to Topsy Napaltjarri who was born at Haasts Bluff & a lot younger in age

Topsy Napaltjarri Dixon is Andy’s father’s brother’s daughter and married Squeaky Mick Tjakamarra. Her brother is David Dixon No 1. She is currently living at Mt Liebig looking after her blind mother Ruby Nungala. Topsy is a very active teacher and custodian of dancing and body paint patterns and songs. She comes into the school and teaches the children who then perform for formal occasions. They had 2 sons Douglas and Bob Dixon

Old Squeaky Mick was a deeply charming ceremonial gentleman. He was the supervising teacher of painting to Kaapa and worked with him on the land

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa and Squeaky Mick Tjakamarra owned the Water Dreaming together

Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula 1921- 2001  married  Old Walter Tjampitjinpa's sister's daughter Gladys Napanangka. She was Entalura's cousin and her father Yarakula's sister's daughter: Entalura's father's niece.

His country was Kalipimpinpa & Ilpili & Tjikari. Like Entalura's family, he had deep family connections to Ilpili

Entalura and all the Napaltjarri's paint the Honey Ant site at Ilpili and have significant ceremonial connections through to Warumpi at Papunya

Johnny Warangkula is Terrance’s grandfather on his father's side

Entalura as grandmother, helped to bring up Terrance, whose mother is Entalura’s 2nd eldest daughter: Selene Andy

Catherine is cousin to Terrance and one of the grandkids. Her grandfather was the CEO Elder for Kiwirrkurra

Entaleura's father Yarakula, was father-in-law for Johnny Warangkula

Johnny Warangkula and Kappa were very close friends

Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa and Kaapa Tjampitjinpa 1924-89  

Kaapa and Dinny Nolan – were  blood brothers

Their homeland was Central Mount Wedge. Dinny married Melanka one of Kaapa’s previous wives, with permission granted through Aboriginal law. Dinny and Kappa were close brothers

Lesley Tjampitjinpa and his sister Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson are the younger brother and sister to Dinny and Kaapa

Lesley's father and Kappa and Dinny's fathers were brothers and the Traditional Owners for Warlugulong which is the station on from Karrinyarra going toward the National Park: New Haven and north toward Yuendumu

Lesley and Maureen's mother Maylene was Old Andy's sister.

Ada shows great respect for both these brothers: Kappa & Dinny who were her older cousins. She speaks about their direct influence on her with their painting. Lesley grew up watching them paint. Maureen was given her first canvas by Stuart Llwyd in 1988 when she was working at Yuelamu as a teachers aide to Alistair Burns, Ada's ex-husband and the teacher at that time.  We were living at Mt Allen with Ada's family and all of us were painting and the children were attending the Puladi out station school. Maureen is now an international Artist in her own right and so are her 2 daughters

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri  & Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri  

Their mother's country was Watabe: west of Mt Wedge-Karrinyarra

Tim and his brother Clifford Possum, Old Walter, Squeaky Mick, Kaapa and Dinny Nolan are all connected to Mt Wedge-Karrinyarra through family and Law

Tim's wife Daisy was from Wimbargo and they had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Maryanne as one of their daughters, marries Old Walter Tjampitjinpa's son, Entaleura and Milli's brother

When I was with Ada and the family collecting seeds from the big Ininti bean trees on the Napperby River, Ada showed me how to find water. While she is digging in the sand with her hand she sings  Tjukatchi-chi chi tjuckatjuck Songs about the soakage. Tim Laura does a series of children's paintings about the soakage's. Finding water is an art in surviving.

Tim & Clifford were custodians of Warlugulong. Its west of Karrinyarra and going north to Yuendumu. It is now abandoned. It had a school there which closed down. The family are very discreet with their deep respect for these brothers.

David Corby Tjapaltjarri

Entaleura's cousin Gladys Napanangka and Johnny Warangkula have a daughter Maggie Nakamarra: Entaleura's  niece: who marries David. David is from the Granites west of Yuendumu. Ada seems to have been close to her cousin and David and named their first daughter Maggie

Anatjari Tjampitjinpa No1:

In Mr Pattern's book he is referred to as Anatjari No1. As brother to Entaleura's dad Yarakula, and Old Walter Tjampitjinpa, Anatjari plays the role of father to her and they are very close when she is young and growing up. When Entaleura is knee high she remembers Pastor Albrecht arriving to give them flour and bread etc The drought is so severe that she remembers that after a few visits he asks them to come back with him. She tells of the story of how with camels and donkeys they travel to Hermansburg. This must have been a big Exodus from Ilpili. She speaks about a 100 families living here at Ilpili. The waters had dried up and the grasses were dead: there was nothing to eat or drink. They had no choice. Entalura's father's led them all to the East and into settlement. She calls this time the time before the sickness the machines and the sadness.

Long John Phillipus Tjakamarra  

Karrinyarra Traditional Owners

Old Andy's father Walpatjiti Tjapaltjarri from Mt Doreen married Lalula Nakamarra from Kirri Creek south of Yuendumu.

Paddy Carol (1) was Walpatjiti Tjapaltjarri's brother. Andy's father's brother

The children were:

Two Bob Tjungurrayi 

Timmy Tjungurrayi  from Haasts Bluff

Mayleen Nungurrayi   Children: Leslie Tjampitjinpa and Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa. Maureen was given her first canvas by Stuart Lloyd 1986 at Mt Allen. Maureen has become a wonderfully competent artist and ambassador  for her culture



Old Andy Tjungurrayi  was responsible for reclaiming Karrinyarra-Central Mount Wedge for the family he was a master woodcarver and often worked outside of the Painting Room at Papunya

Donny Tjungurrayi Donny was born at Mt Doreen and taken in the Papunya  "Great Painting" room by his uncles and brothers.He is custodianof Karrinyarra now and married to Entalura

Paddy Carol Tjungarrayi (2) whose parents were Paddy Carol 1 and Ruby who died in the Coniston Massacre in 1928 was adopted by the family. Topsy Napaltjarri's grandmother (who married Old Squeaky Mick)

Andy Tjungurrayi  married Entalura Nangala ( DOB 1929). He was a stockman most of his post-contact life on stations around Karrinyarra and often left his family at Papunya while working. He was also married to Entalura' sister Ewari 

They had 16 adult children

Ena Napaltjarri : Obed Ragget's son Don Ragget---daughter Sonny (deceased) & grandson Ryan

Ena's father was the Hermansburg artist Albert Namatjira         

Saleen Napaltjarri  x Willy: Daughter Verna  Nupurrula  & son Willie

x Dalton Abbott from Hermansburg ----Son Terrance  Tjupurrula /  Tjapanangka: children Samara & Jamoi

Emily Napaltjarri  x Harry Nelson Tjakamarra:   

x grader driver Joe Smith: son Evans Smith married at Ernabella

x Michael Nelson Tjakamarra: son Anthony Tjupurrula Papunya granddaughter Tessa Nelson Nupurrula                                     

x Leslie Tjampitjinpa sister to Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa. and brother to Johnny Tjampitjinpa

Emily & Lesley now live at Karrinyarra Out Station

Ada Napaltjarri   x Alastair Tjakamarra Burns  - Daughters Maggie, Laati & Sharon Nupurrula Burns

Nora Napaltjarri x Richard Swan Tjakamarra  ------------- Cathy  Nupurrula  + Joey

children : Regina, Jamey, Jordon, Eva

 Lorraine Kunkayi Napurrula King

children : Brandon Japangardi Silva &  Ferris Japangardi Silva.


Nigel Tjapaltjarri

Leslie Tjapaltjarri

Samantha Nupurulla:

Donny Tjungurrayi     Fathered

Daughter:   Melody Napaltjarri      ------  Daughter Christella & Freda  Nupurrula                                                               ------  Granddaughter Seraphina Nampitjinpa

Son: David Dixon Nos 2 Tjapaltjarri

Tradition Tribal skin dictated Kinship relationships. All the Male line start with a T and the female lines with a N. The joined Boxes are correct Marriages  and the arrows shows the children's lineage.