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Jungian Metaphoric Archetypes

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Collection Comments:

Llwyd February 2012

This collection represents a body of work painted over a 35 year period by the Karrinyarra Artists

Karrinyarra Artists belong to Aboriginal Australia's most authenticated and documented extended family of the Papunya Tula Genesis

The Genealogy page connects the immediate Karrinyarra Artists to significant ceremonial landscape relationships

This places Karrinyarra Artists into a web back to the world's oldest living cultural and land connection

The primary story: 'The Circle' is central to most of the art works

Land sites: Jukurrpa creation stories, kinship, song, dance, ceremony, food and water: are metaphoric  layers within these paintings. These living cultural perceptions are the world's oldest living continuum of people and land

These living cultural practices are disappearing as contemporary values re script indigenous outlooks

The stories, the songs, the dance are in imminent danger of being lost as the old people move on

The great value of this collection is its visual validation of heritage from the living continuum

Karrinyarra Artists stands at the corner stone of world history and contemporary direction

The Karrinyarra story holds the metaphors for a sustainable relationship with People and Land

This is the