"Napaltjarri Woman's Ancestry"



DOB: 1956

Birth site:

Language: Luritja Walpiri  Anmatyerre English

Nora has painted with Ada her older sister since they were teenagers. She says she followed Ada everywhere and what Ada did she did. Nora has worked for Galleries in Alice Springs and exhibited in Australian exhibitions during these years. She has lived an outstation life since Karrinyarra was handed back to her family and out west from Papunya at Ilpily  when her children were growing up. She grew up watching all her aunts and uncles and mothers painting and dancing as Indigenous Australian delegates and participating with ceremonial life when she could. Being her mother’s carer she has been able to stay on the outstation with her stable and supportive husband Richard Swan Tjakamarra. Nora is a modern country woman with a deep knowledge of where the food in the bush is and how to process and trade it. Karrinyarra is her home.

Nora is a disciplined Artist who has been painting since she was 15. She is what you call a perfectionist.  Her meticulous devotion to her work brings just rewards. Moving slowly and steadily and with years of painting and understanding color she can literally create a work of Art.