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Entalura Nangala



Birth site:Papunya Wullumara springs

Language: Luritja

Entalura is Kirda / policeman and Kutunuma /owner secretary for Warumpi and Ilpili Honey Ant Dreaming. She is boss women: Kutungulu  for body patterns, medicine, health and ceremonial maintaince of sites

Entalura lived at papunya as a little girl until Pastor Albrecht asked the families to move to Hermansburg. The drought of the early 30’s was extremely severe and the families had no choice but to take up his invitation. On donkeys and with camels they walked to Hermansburg and stayed there until Haasts Bluff and Papunya became settlements with missionary & Govt assistance. When the Papunya Tula artist movement got under way with many of the men that were Entaleura’s direct family, she and the other woman began to paint. It was Daphne Williams who would come around and give them canvas and paint and enable and encourage them to keep painting. Entaleura was one of the woman who worked in the kitchen cooking for everyone. She also did the washing for the school children. Her grandfather and 2 grandmothers lived at Papunya and went to church on a Sunday and Wednesday.

Entaleura is the matriarch of this Karrinyarra family. She often reflects about the time before the sickness and the machines. She is stern about appropriate behaviors and ethics and is often heard talking to her daughters about how to bring up the children. She administers an authority for sorting out human differences within the family dynamics. There are challenges that they all face as western desert families with this changing cultural climate. Her inner strength is reflective of a deeply loving woman who has managed to hold the strings together that have enabled Karrinyarra to keep alive.

Her paintings have been taken international and were part of an Exhibition in Paris in the early 90’s. The removal of her cataracts and a replacement lens thanks to the Fred Hollows Foundation has enabled her to keep painting. She continues to encourage her daughters and grand daughters to paint as the preferred life style, and to stay at Karrinyarra and keep eye on country.

Entalura's first daughter now deceased was fathered by Albert Namatjira the water colorist from Hermansburg.

Entaleura's father was Yaragula brother to Old Walter Tjampitjinpa. Her mother was Waripanda Napangarti

Her sisters were Ewari Laati Sharon & Epingmia