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Michael Nelson Tjakamarra Parliament House Canberra

Emily Andy Napaltjarri


DOB: 1952

Birth site: Narwietooma Station

Language: Luritja


Emily is the senior law women for the Karrinyarra 'Yalka' gradnmother's story

Her continued ceremonial life is reflected in her inspirational works

She first began to paint in 1986 while living at Mount Allen with her sister Ada

Their painting camp was just in the bush nearby the school

From the beginning she experimented with contemporary painting in bright colors that was emerging from Yuendumu during the middle 80’s and later through family in Balgo

As a woman artist she is experimental and exciting

Her outstation life freeing her to be independent and explore all styles and color in her paintings

Emily knows what is happening with the contemporary western desert art movement and is very much a part of it


Her influences come from her mothers and sisters: Selene in Balgo, Ada and Nora at Karrinyarra

Emily has been selling paintings since 1986.

Her overseas painting Exhibitions were in Hawaii and the USA 2007


Emily was married to Michael Nelson Jagamara and they have a daughter Tess at Urnabella with 1 child

And son Anthony to Michael 's brother Anthony has 4 children  Dorothy, Taralinda, Lavina and Keanu.


Michael Nelson Jagamara

Michael is formative in placing Papunya Tula Art at the center of International Galleries and Museums

POSSUM AND WALLABY DREAMING 1985  196 sq meter granite mosaic