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"Birds : Anima"

"Mandorla : Great Mother" 

"Yantra : Archetypal Geometry"

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Stuart Llwyd


DOB: 1953

Dalby Queensland

Married to Kate 1974 with 2 children

1980-84 Craft Australia Exhibitions Melbourne and Sydney with basketry

1982 Commonwealth Ambassadors for crafts

I started painting after seeing Jakupa Ako a Port Morsby artists at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane

Jakupa painted the finer levels of our perception

i took spirit and became a painter from that first introduction to contemporary acrylic painting. In this same exhibition sat a collection of Thancoupie's Pots


Exhibited and performed internationally with Paintings, Folk Craft, Contemporary Basketry and Education Curriculum


Karrinyarra : Central Mount Wedge

I painting with Ada Napaltjarri and was introduced to country by all the Nungala & Napaltjarri dancing at Wurumpi under the ceremonial boss Squeaky Mick Tjakamarra during our first visit in 1984

It was here I joined the Karrinyarra Artists under the open blue skies & starlight hotel


Mytho Poetic : Metaphoric Narrative

There is a primary (archetypal) pattern language that underlies form

This pattern language is experienced through the hands (kinesthetic intelligence )

Folk craft is a vessel that uses this language to build a man made form out of natural materials

By making primary geometric designs with natural fibers and painting, we connect to the collective memory of all our ancestors

This process of connection is essential to the body mind wiring for 3Rs development & a nourishing inner life

The Cultural Arts carry contemporary reinterpretation of these primary templates of life

The well being of our own communities lives in activating these connections


The painting process is so dynamic it HITS the OPTIC NERVE

The archetype of the collective neural system, witnessing light

Painting and weaving have deep hepatic kinesthetic rendering processes that activte my metaphoric intelligence