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Kate Napaltjarri Lloyd

DOB: 1952


Born in England from Scottish and Welsh parents. She grew up in Zimbabwe Africa and later returned to England for schooling. Arriving in 1970 to WA’s largest Noongar settlement in Gnowangerup, her father as an Anglican priest woke her to the history of aboriginal people in Australia. Nurse training in Fremantle fell by the way side as she joined in a back to the land movement that arose out of Nimbin & Woodstock festivals Escalon & Findhorn.

Married to Stuart for 39 years and with 2 young adults married and with partners, we have continued to visit Ada Andy Napaltjarri and her family since 1984. We began to paint while sitting with Ada at Papunya and then continued to design trips to the family every year or two: taking paint and canvas and encouraging everyone of the family and their friends to paint with us in the back yard.

Kate is an artist in fibres and textiles. She senses the fast disappearance of knowledge that the hunting and gathering life on the land . Her current paintings are a naive attempt to capture this walking on an ancestral landscape.