Ilpily Genealogy

Waripanda Napangati was Entalura Nungala's Mother

Waripanda was  married to Yarakula.

Yarakula's youngest brother was Old Walter Tjampitjinpa; Entalura's small father.

Yarakula and Warribunda's daughters were Entalura, Ewai, Laati, Sharon & Epingmia  

Withawara Nupurrula was Waripanda Napangati's mother and Entalura, Ewari, Laati, Sharon, Epingmia & Milli & Tilau's grandmother

Withawara's sisters were Kunkayi and Tjakurra: Lorraine and Cathy Napaltjarri's traditional names

Yarakula, Old Walter & Anatjari Tjampitjinpa were brothers from Ilypili


This Ilpily family was brought into Hermansburg by Pastor Albrecht in the early 1930's when Entalura Nungala's older sisters were little girls and the drought was at its most severe

Entalura was born at Ulambaura Springs, the spring south east of Papunya

The  record below is from the Adelaide Museum archives and most likely logged by T.G.H. Strehlow's Camel expedition of August 1932 to Mt Liebig

Waripanda Napangati

Skin Kinship Cycle