Melody Donny Napaltjarri


DOB: 15.10.1967

Birth site:

Language: Luritja

Melody's father was Old Andy Tjungurrayi Melody lives most of her time in Alice Springs She has been painting for years and is competent at selling her work on the streets of Alice Springs to tourists

She loves painting and is a unpredictable creative artist with lots of bright color and ingenious mathematical patterning

She has encouraged her daughters to paint. Her daughters are what I call the dancing bears. They have been taken to the big cities for exhibitions and dumped back in Alice Springs to become disillusioned young woman drowning themselves in a life of drink. This family of woman are beautiful artists with a strong discipline of technique in their work and a zaney explorative drive to be inventive. The discipline required to see their paintings through to completion reflects the challenges they face as the contempory 30 year olds arriving out of their Stone Age Culture and into Contempory Australia. They could also turn any hard casino card player to jelly!

Melody's grand-daughter Seraphina has been painting with all the family at Karrinyarra.