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Nangala's Mother

Old Mick Tjakamarra

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa

Albert Namatjira

Michael Nelson Tjakamarra

Original Tula Artists

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Karrinyarra Genealogy 2


Tim Leura & Henry Tjugadi   Squeaky Mick and Old Walter

Photo;Geoff Bardon

Karrinyarra Family

The Karrinyarra family is a large extended family of traditional indigenous owners whose land was given back in 1994. They carry active and unbroken lineage to the Karrinyarra land with language, ceremony, stories, dance, song, connected to the dawn of creation / Jukurrpa/ Dreaming

Ceremonial Authority to paint sites and stories.

The design elements in Karrinyarra Artists paintings refer to the designs that the men and women paint for ceremonies. The secret or sacred “Tingari” cycle provides the mythology underpinning for all their works

Papunya Tula Genesis

All the Karrinyarra family have intimate links to the early 1970's genesis Papunya Tula painting school. This was a formative reinterpretation of traditional visual arts into contemporary acrylic on linen. Many of the key first Tula artists are part of the Karrinyarra family

Albert Namatjira from Hermansburg, was father to Entaleura's first daughter Ena Napaltjarri _1948-2006

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa was Entaleura's father's brother. This connection has made Ilpilli and its sacred sites important family land. Many of the present 3rd Generation from Karrinyarra have lived at Illpilli Outstation in the 90's. Because of the proximity of Ilpilli and its important self sustaining water, Karrinyarra families have  generations of kinship and ceremonial links to this western region. Old Walters daughter Millala (Milli)  married ?

Old Walter's son Tabo married Tim Laura's daughter MaryAnn

Old Walter & Yarakula & Anatjari Tjampitjinpa were brothers from Ilypili 

Yarakula and Warribunda's daughters were Entalura Ewari Laati Sharon & Epingmia

Old Mick Tjakamarra was uncle to Andy Tjungurrayi and ceremonial boss for many Karrinyarra sites. He married Topsy Dixon Napaltjarri (Haasts Bluff)  whose mother Ruby Nangala was cousin to Entaleura. Old Walter and Mick owned the water dreaming which held them in a ceremonial relationship. Mick was supervisor to Kaapa in the painting room. Mick was owner / policeman / Kirda and secretary / Kutunuma for Old Walters ceremony. Mick and Topsy had 2 sons Douglas and Bob Dixon

Johnny Warrangkula Tjupurrula married Walter's sisters daughter Gladys Napananga. He painted Ilpili, Kalipimpinpa and Tjakaji, 4/5 days walk from Karrinyarra. His dotting technique was unique and influenced Tim Leura, Clifford Possum and Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri with consequent influence on all the Karrinyarra family.

David Corby Tjapaltjarri from the Granites, married Maggie Nakamarra, Entaleura's niece. His brother was Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri. David was Johnny Warrangkula's son in law. He and his brother have a monumental story of their father's dreaming east of Yuendumu. David was adopted by the Karrinyarra family after the Coniston massacre.

Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri

Kaapa Tjampitjinpa  brother to Dinny Nolan was a fond uncle to all the Napaltjarri's. They are Old Andy Tjungurrayi's mother's sisters sons. I.e. cousins to Andy and  uncles to all Andy's children.

Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa was brother to Kaapa and is uncle to Donny and Master of Ceremonies with Kaapa and Tim Leura. They initiated Donny Tjungurrayi into the sacred men's business for the Karrinyarra Landscape. This was the Karrinyarra link into the neighboring Napperby Kinship and Anmatyerre landscape

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri is half blood brother to Clifford Possum .Tim's daughter Mary Anne Leura married Old Walter's son Toba. Tim's mother was from Mt Wedge. Tim was a master carver before the Papunya Tula Painting school emerged.

Nosepeg Tjupurrula along with Old Walter and Old Tutuma Tjapangati were the elders /ceremonial bosses negotiating the first Honey Ant mural at the Papunya School 1971. Nosepeg is grandfather to Richard Swan Tjakamarra married to Nora Napaltjarri and present caretaker of Karrinyarra outstation. 

Long Jack Phillips Tjakamarra

Obed Raggett was a Hermansburg Pastor. His son married Ena Andy Napaltjarri, Entaleura's first daughter with Albert Namatjira

Paddy Carol was adopted by the Karrinyarra family after the Coniston massacre. He married Entaleura's sister Epingmia Nangala.

Old Andy Yaragula / Walputiti Tjungurrayi DOB 1919 was the Traditional Owner for Karrinyarra when it was returned to traditional family in 1994.

His wives were Entaleura and Iwari (Mungana)  

Old Andy was deeply respected for his skill as a wood carver. He worked as a teacher outside the painting room with the others.

Andy ,Clifford Possum,  Tim Leura and Billy Stockman were all brilliant carving stockman, before the painting movement began at Papunya in 1971

Entaleura NangalaWithawara was Entalura Iwari Milli & Tilau's grandmother

Withawara's sisters were Kunkayi and Tjakurra Loraine and Cathy Napaltjarri  traditional names

Anatjari 3 Tjakamarra Old Walter & Yarakula & Anatjari Tjampitjinpa were brothers from Ilpili