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marginAda Andy Napaltjarri marginTilau Nangala
marginEmily Andy Napaltjarri marginEntalura Nangala
marginMelody Donny Napaltjarri marginEpingmia Nangala
marginNora Andy Napaltjarri marginCathy Nupurrula
marginTopsy Dixon Napaltjarri marginLaati Burns Nupurrula
marginSeraphina Napangati marginSharon Burns Nupurrula
marginDavid Dixon Tjapaltjarri marginLorraine King Nupurrula
marginLeslie Daniels Tjampitjinpa marginMaggie Burns Nupurrula
marginDonny Tjungurrayi  
marginKate Lloyd Napaltjarri marginStuart Llwyd Tjakamarra


About these Artists:

Since 2003 Karrinyarra Artists have been adding to their archival collection as a foundation collection for homeland empowerment and self sufficiency.

Mostly overlooked by their governing Shire, (At present the Yuendumu Shire) Karrinyarra Outstation relies on self help initiatives.

Homeland outstation life is preferred to the remote settlements.

Maintaining country with spot burnings, hunting every few days, acquiring trading items such as ash, indinge seeds, coolaman dancing board and clap stick wood and maintaining extended family vehicles including rescue and second hand car parts requires a lot of expensive travel on extremely rough roads.

This travel proves to exhaust outstation family income.

Painting by the women is the primary extra cash income to supplement to fund outstation empowerment.