The First Story



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Jungian Metaphoric Archetypes



An Archetypal Journey

"Birds : Anima"

"Mandorla : Great Mother" 

"Yantra : Archetypal Geometry"



The visual arts has a metaphoric language that carries layers of stories. Stories can be personal, cultural and archetypal

These Karrinyarra paintings are of an archetypal nature and belong to the great collective memory

Here the stories provide living myth and meaning for countless generations

The Sacred Circles hold a story that has belonged to all people

Circles elude to the cycles of the sun and moon and the elements and life shaped by seasons

For 2012 man; these metaphors still hold enduring and sustainable  relevance

'Karrinyarra' : A public Yalka ceromony painting up girls and boys to dance, sing and learn their Grandmothers story

Ada and Emily Andy Napaltjarri's 2007