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about karrinyarra homeland

Karrinyarra is a Homeland initiative that holds a traditional family continuum. They provide windows into the world's oldest lineage of traditional kinship with land and family.

Karrinyarra Outstation is situated between Yuendumu and Papunya in the Western McDonald Ranges 300 K west of Alice Springs. These painters are the families from the Papunya Tula Art Genesis of the mid 1970's.

This family group paint traditional sacred sites about Papunya Mt Liebig Ilpili Mt Allen Napperby and Yuendumu. They paint their Grandparent's CREATION STORIES from the "Jukurrpa / The Dreamitime" for their traditional food and waterholes.

Karrinyarra has no direct affiliation with any Indigenous Community Art Center or Art Hub.

"Karrinyarra Artists" is a family business designed to self help Homeland  Outstation economic independence, empowering family to live on Karrinyarra's Ancestral Land, maintaining their unique living cultural heritage.

Karrinyarra Outstation 2005